SoleMani Women's Gabi Extra Slim Calf 12"-13" Black Leather Boot

  • By: Holly Bergren
    Finally! Finding boots to fit my calves is always a long process. Apparently, when you wear a size 10, boot makers assume that you have huge calves. These boots fit my calves perfectly. The boots look great and the leather is really soft. I knocked off one star because the zipper isn't very smooth. It sticks a bit. I am a 10 1/2 which they don't make in this boot. I sized down to the 10 and it fits ok, but not perfectly. I think the 11 would be too big so I am keeping the 10.
  • By: Laura Nennig
    These boots did an excellent job of fitting my calf, ending a month long saga of dozens that were excessively large. they are my favorite pair of boots I've ever owned, as they not only fit my calf, but they also fit around the ankle. I'm definitely going to get another pair from this site in the future.
  • By: Sharon Key
    Absolutely love these boots! They are amazing, they feel so good and are constructed so well. They make my outfits look so professional and polished. I have received countless compliments. I will order more boots from them again.
  • By: Preeti Raghuveer
    Great, Love them
  • By: Barbara Greenstein
    So happy with my boots...leather is so soft and the fit is excellent. I could not find 12 inch calf boots anywhere but on this site. I am thrilled with my purchase of the SoleMani Gabi boots....Thank You!